Society of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners of the Philippines, Inc.

(SCVNPPI) is a private, professional association of nurse practitioners working in both government and private institutions which generally aimed at maintaining and upgrading the standards of cardiovascular nursing practice in the country.


Society of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner of the Philippines,Inc. invites you to our 23nd Annual Convention –
“POWER OF S.Y.N.C.: Strategy Yields Thru Network and Collaboration”on May 24, 2024.


The SCVNPPI is committed to advance cardiovascular nursing practice through the application of standards, education, research and linkages, in order to promote the quality of cardiovascular health of the people.



The SCVNPPI is the leading specialty organization committed in advancing cardiovascular nursing, upholding the highest standards of nursing practice recognized globally.

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Continuing Education

Continuing Education is crucial for cardiovascular nurses to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in cardiovascular healthcare. At SCVNPPI, we offer workshops, seminars, and conferences that provide continuing education opportunities specifically designed for cardiovascular nurses. Our events are designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and competencies, enabling cardiovascular nurses to deliver the highest quality care to their patients.

Nurse-led Clinics

Nurse-led clinics play a vital role in providing cardiovascular healthcare to underserved populations. At SCVNPPI, we support and encourage the development of nurse-led cardiovascular clinics in our community. We believe that these clinics are an essential component of a comprehensive cardiovascular healthcare system, providing access to care and promoting health equity.

Annual Community Outreaches

Annual Community Outreaches are a cornerstone of SCVNPPI's mission for cardiovascular nurses. We believe that as cardiovascular healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to give back to the community we serve. Each year, we organize various outreach events specifically designed for cardiovascular healthcare, including health fairs, free screenings, and health education sessions. These events provide an opportunity for cardiovascular healthcare professionals to engage with the community and promote healthy behaviors.


Society of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners of the Philippines, Inc. (SCVNPPI) is a non-stock, non-profit, apolitical professional society of cardiovascular nurses in the Philippines advocating for health promotion, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and promotion of the standards of cardiovascular nursing practice in the country, through quarterly updates sponsored by its Continuing Education Committee, yearly conventions and annual community outreaches and nurse-led clinics.


Founded in April 10, 2000 as the “brainchild” of PHC Asst. Director for Nursing Service, Dr. Ma. Linda G. Buhat, the society was initially organized by the 33 graduates of the Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners Program (CVNP) of the Philippine Heart Center, which aimed at developing cardiovascular nurses for advanced practice. Its proactive leaders had paved the way for the Development of the Standards in Cardiovascular Nursing Practice (1999) and the Core Competencies of Cardiovascular Nurse Clinicians (2005). Their labor was richly rewarded when the Nurse Specialty Certification Council recognized and granted the society the Certification of Accreditation as a Specialty Organization during its 1st National Conference in 2005.


Since its birth, the SCVNPPI has been actively involved in several advocasies and forums in advancing the nursing profession: The Philippine Nursing Roadmap 2030, Forum on Competency Entry Level Nurses and the Forum for the Amendment in the Nursing Law (RA 9173) and has established significant linkages with the Philippine Heart Association (membership, May 2004) and the D.E.A.R. HEART/National Heart Failure Registry Program as a member of its Technical Working Group.

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Division Chiefs Office, Hospital Building Philippine Heart Center, East Avenue, Quezon City

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